I love this part. You see, this is a two-fold benefit here. It’s going to make your child so much more comfortable, and at the same time, it’s going to add yet another level of personalization to the final photographs. As you know, children love familiarity. Nothing can calm them down like that “security blanket” they love to haul around the house, or that special beat-up raggedy old stuffed animal that Grandma gave them on their first birthday, or that cherished family pet that is like their best friend.

Imagine the wonderful photographs that will come from allowing your child to play with something that is so special to him or her. Some of the most emotional and memorable portraits I’ve ever created involved a child playing with a toy or a pet or even a family music box. We’ve all seen children almost seem to “slip into another world” when they play with certain things. Those are the moments I live for, and those are the moments I’m going to capture for you.

If I don’t end up being your photographer, make ABSOLUTELY SURE your photographer incorporates your child’s favorite toy into the photographs!

Do you have a photograph of your child that, if you were running from your burning home, would be the one thing you save (other than your family members, of course) on the way out? I only ask that because I actually had a client whose house was burning, and on her way out she actually grabbed her photo albums containing the photographs of her wedding that I’d created for her! Can you believe that? That’s how important those photographs were to her.

Do you have a photograph of your child that means so much to you? Now, I’m not talking about a “snapshot” that was taken during a family outing on the Fourth Of July. I’m talking about a wonderful photograph, created by an artistic photographer, that not only captures your child’s true expressions and personality, but also does so in a way that you’d be proud to display in your home for the rest of your life. It’s Not Too Late. This Moment, Right Now, Can Be Held Onto For The Rest Of Your Life - For You To Share With Family And Friends And Your Kids, Kids (Grandchildren).

You don’t have to make a big decision right now. You don’t have to choose your photographer - you don’t even have to decide that now is the time for your child’s portrait. Just take one small step toward holding onto your child’s happiest moments RIGHT NOW.

Just Call My Studio, And We’ll Chat. And, If You Decide You Want Me To Create Your Child’s Portrait, Save 50% Off It’s Creation. It’s All Up To You.

You can call any time. If I don’t answer, just leave your name and number at the beep, and I’ll call you back. If you’re thinking of this photograph as a GIFT FOR SOMEONE, let me know, so when I call back, I only ask for you, and don’t spoil the surprise!

Once again, CLICK HERE for the direct phone number to my studio. The Perfect Portrait Of Your Child Is Only One Phone Call Away... Make the call now. It will be a call you will be glad you made for the rest of your life.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Fairbanks

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