First of all, as I mentioned earlier, one of the biggest challenges for a photographer is making your child feel totally comfortable, thereby getting totally natural and fun expressions on film. Well, in addition to meeting the photographer ahead of time, one of the best things for your child is to create the photographs in a location that is familiar or fun for the child.

Where’s the place most children are the most comfortable? IN OR AROUND THEIR HOME. Imagine being a child, and instead of going to some “scary” studio somewhere, the photographer comes to your home, and creates fantastic photographs right there in the home or in your own backyard! How great would that be? Think of how comfortable and “at home” you would feel as a child.

Or, suppose going out to a park somewhere, or to the beach, or playing a pile of leaves - and having the photographer take your photographs there. Not only will your son or daughter have more fun being photographed this way, but it will also be a much more personal and unique setting. There’s nothing personal or exciting about a photograph taken in a studio. The setting will look just like the settings of hundreds of other child photographs

Yes, I can create images in my studio if you would like. However; I will come to your home, or take you and your child to a couple of locations in and around Great Falls that are perfect for this type of photography. You’ll have options - we’ll do some in the studio, and some on location. You see, not only do I not mind doing location photography, which takes more work on my part - I actually ENCOURAGE it. After 30 years of photographing children, I know that location photographs tend to be the photographs that parents like the most. 

If I don’t end up being your photographer, make ABSOLUTELY SURE your photographer is willing to create images on location or in the studio.

4th Detail - Your Photographer MUST DO:

“Looking For George” - A Great Game To Help Your Child Feel Totally Comfortable, So He Or She Will Look Great.

Now, this is something I can guarantee...

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