Now, this is something I can guarantee no other photographer does.This is a great way to make him or her totally comfortable - and to insure they have fun when your child is being photographed in the studio.

You see, I have this wonderful, big, fluffy, warm, fuzzy, INVISIBLE puppy that lives in my studio. Really, I do. His name is George. And he LOVES to play hide and seek with children. When you and your child come to the studio for the session, I’ll immediately tell your child about George, and tell him or her to start looking for George. It’s a wonderful game, and it puts them at ease right away. You should see a child’s eyes light up when I tell them about this loving soft invisible puppy that’s running around my studio just waiting to be discovered. Throughout the entire session, if your son or daughter isn’t really “getting into the spirit” of the photography, I’ll tell them I just saw George running through the camera room. Immediately, their face will light up, and that’s when I snap the photograph.

Okay, just between you and me, there’s no such thing as an invisible dog who plays hide and seek with children. But, once again, the psychology of capturing your child’s unique personality is what this game is all about. There are variations on this idea, so be sure to ask any photographer you consider hiring how they work with the children. That is even MORE important than the type of camera they use!

If I don’t end up being your photographer, make ABSOLUTELY SURE your photographer does something special to insure your child will have fun and give you great expressions!

URGENT::: MAJOR Myth, Mistake Or Misconception About Your Child’s Photography:

“There’s No Rush To Have A Portrait Of Your Child Created Right Now.”

Let's talk about this for a moment…

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